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SpaFest Registration

Use the form to register your interest and get one step closer to securing your SpaFest 2024 tickets!

How to Register

  1. Fill in the form and select whether you are looking for 1 ticket (Single Delegate) or up to 3 tickets (Delegate Multiple) or if you are registering to be a Sponsor at the event.
  2. We will review the information that you have provided and you will receive a confirmation when we have accepted your registration.
  3. When you have been accepted, you will be granted the ability to purchase a ticket/s.

SpaFest is a small, intimate event (100 delegates max) event that cares about People, Planet and Health.

We sell our tickets very quickly; we try and keep a good mix of both suppliers and operators from our industry and we work with companies that have an ethical approach to sustainability. For this reason we limit operator tickets to 4 per company and supplier tickets to 1 per company (excluding sponsorship packages)

Sometimes we must turn down applications if our numbers have reached their optimum levels in one of these areas. We hope you understand.

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