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Introducing guest speaker Julia Leckey: Fearless thinking to grow wealthy


Julia Leckey describes herself as a storyteller, an author, a speaker, an executive/business coach, a brand builder, a twice cancer survivor, a mother of a 1lb baby and the wife of a husband, who at 52 suffered and survived a heart attack.

Julia set up and built two highly profitable 7-figure businesses and sold them when she needed change. Julia says that she’s learnt that “life’s path can be fearful, unpredictable and joyful in equal measure”.

Describing her mission, Julia says “I’m on a journey to help thousands of people become more powerful in the face of fear. My 7-stage Health Blueprint shows how to navigate away from fear and towards action. I’m redefining wealth and returning it to the world with a fresh meaning.”

TALK: Fearless thinking to grow wealthy

‘Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it’ Bear Grylls

If you have difficulty facing the future, if you’ve ever been paralysed by fear or anxiety, then this talk/workshop with Julia Leckey is for you. A twice cancer survivor, a multiple company entrepreneur, a mother of a 1lb baby and a woman whose husband survived a heart attack at the age of 52, Julia understands how fear (if you let it) can grow and rule your life.

Julia’s solution is a 7-stage Health Blueprint that navigates a way to meet the challenges you are facing. Through personal anecdotes, surprising facts and insights, Julia’s blueprint will redefine your perception of wealth, allowing you to move away from fear and towards action.

We’re privileged and excited to welcome Julia who will talk us through her approach to fearless thinking. It will provide you with the courage and motivation to jump into the cosmic river of life and savour its flow, energy, and excitement… we can’t wait!

You can find out more in Julia’s one minute (120K + views)  YouTube video at 

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