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Made for Life at Carden Park

14th of June 2022

A unique one-day event packed with with practical wellbeing advice and motivation to support people living with cancer



  • Louise Tyson says:

    What safety precautions are in place and is a negative covid test required for all participants and staff when vulnerable and immunosuppressed people are attending?

    • SpaFest says:

      Hi Louise

      As you know I have replied direct but in the interest of others thought it useful to respond here too!

      Thank you for your very helpful and insightful question about what safety precautions will be in place for SpaFest Gives Back. It is a good reminder that we need to ensure that everyone is aware of this who is thinking of attending. So, to answer your question, I hope the following will help:

      1) The room being used for the event can accommodate 80 people and we are restricting numbers to 50 maximum including workshop facilitators and speakers. It has excellent ventilation and sanitisation stations are provided throughout the area.
      2) We are requesting that everyone who attends the event, brings proof (NHS app) that clearly shows that they have either been fully vaccinated and/or provides us with a clear lateral flow test prior to the event
      3) We are requesting that anyone displaying symptoms of COVID 48 hours prior to the event does not attend.
      4) Masks will be required to be worn during registration and when treatments are taking place or social distancing is not possible.
      5) We will be monitoring COVID numbers in Cheshire and if we need to elevate measures so that everyone provides us with a negative lateral flow and/or masks are worn when social distancing is in place that will also be implemented.
      6) We will be following all Government guidelines at all times for events. In addition we are working with Dr Neil Carpenter to ensure that our policy reflects the needs of those who have compromised auto-immune.

      I hope this helps and again – thanks for asking the question and please do get in touch if you need any additional information.

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